Snow Pony

Snow Pony Traditional, watercolour Finished in a traditional style this Pony is set in a beautiful wintry setting. Done in mostly water soluble pencils and water to paint with. This is actually one of my first watercolour paintings I hope you like it. Art © Shannagh-leigh Reference: Items used: Daler rowney watercolour paper (14.4″x8″) […]

Miniature Bunny

Miniature Bunny Traditional, watercolour This cute little fellow is finished in traditional watercolour and as you can see is much smaller than an English penny. He is roughly 1.5 cm tall by 1.5 cm wide and was an absolute joy to paint if a little intricate. Art © Shannagh-leigh Reference: Items used: Daler rowney […]


My name is Shannagh-leigh, I”m a qualified fine artist with years of experience. I work traditionally and digitally both on paper and the more modern digital medium. I specialise in creating fine art custom portraiture illustrations from your photographs. I try to capture the spirit and personality of each subject in every drawing capturing their […]