Commission Process

Selecting Photographs

Choosing the right photograph is important for your painting, the clearer the photograph the more detailed the painting. I can work from multiple photographs so feel free to send as many as you can! For more information on selecting/ taking a good photograph please visit the Photography Tips and Requirements page. As always if you’re ever unsure please feel free to contact me.


Art Medium & Size

Once the photo has been agreed on you need to pick your preferred art medium and size. If the quality of the photo is quite low then smaller sized paintings are recommended. However for clear, detailed photographs any size range is available. If the information in the photo isn’t as easily accessible I can still create a large painting but it may not be as detailed so please take this into consideration. For a full price range, styles and sizes included please visit my price guide. As always if you don’t see a style/size of painting advertised please feel free to ask about it!

Deposit & Waiting List

Once the art style, size and photographs have been discussed and agreed upon and both parties are completely happy a deposit is required to secure your slot in the waiting list. If there is nobody currently on the waiting list I can start on your commission almost right away! The deposit is 40% on orders over £100, orders less than should be paid in full. Most types of payment are accepted from cashiers cheques, bank transfers (visa/ debit card etc) & paypal. Once your commission is nearing the top of the waiting list I will send you an email letting you know that progress on the painting will begin.

Let the Painting Process Begin!

Now the best part, as soon as the process has begun I start taking photographs. I will send frequent updates (unless discussed otherwise) so you can follow the process live. During this time any alterations can be made upon request. If you are unhappy with anything please let me know during this stage as it’s much easier to edit my painting as I go. After having asked for permission of course, I would also love to share frequent progress shots of the artwork. If the painting is for a gift and then no images will be shared until the painting is complete and the recipient has received the painting. During this time if you have any queries about your painting please let me know. I love receiving feedback and my clients are always excited to see their painting progress.

The Finishing Touches

At this stage I’ll take a high quality photograph of your painting. Any changes requested can be made and another photo will be sent to you for approval, a limited amount of revisions are available subject to the changes needed.  Once approved we can begin the shipping process!

Postage & Packaging

Standard postage and packing is free within the UK, international shipping is usually around £7 but please message me for a direct quote. Shipping is always sent via Royal Mail, tracked and next day (again within the UK) international shipping usually takes 1-2 weeks but this may vary depending on your location. Once your painting has been shipped your tracking code will be sent so you can follow your paintings journey directly to your front door!

Standard packaging is shown as below, extras include a business card & extra stickers and they’re the perfect wallet size.
GIFT wrapping is also available for £2, postage is the same as above and also comes with the same extras a personalised note can be added upon request.

Each portrait is wrapped in paper or a clear sleeve and then bubble wrapped for protection and taped with parcel tape. Then placed into a cardboard postal box for books or a golden bubble wrapped sleeve depending on the size.

NOTE: The commission above included two paintings, one miniature watercolour painting & the larger A4 watercolour painting. Two extras are included one for each painting. More are available upon request.


Painting Timelapse

To view timelapse & walkthrough videos of my painting process please visit my youtube channel!