‘Carolina, Derby & Baily’

So excited to share this Christmas commission with you guys, unfortunately as this painting was being commissioned Carolina unfortunately passed away. I was so happy to paint these gorgeous horses, they all had quite creamy warm colours in their coats so I tried to reflect that in the background and the overall piece 

Daler rowney paper 11.7 x 16.5 inches & Caran d’ache supracolor

‘Asgaard, Belinda & Freja’

Triple commission for a very lovely client! It was such an honour painting these three horses, all very lovely characters, very different and unique in their own way. Belinda (arena horse) was the dam to the other two horses, which just made this commission extra special for me to be able to create this family’s series of paintings 

Daler rowney paper 4×4 inches & caran d’ache supracolor