Miniature Bunny

  Miniature Bunny Traditional, watercolour My first ever miniature painting, I’ve always loved these so I definitely want to try and do more in the future. This piece measured out less than 1.5cm tall and about 1.5cm wide 1p for scale Art © Shannagh-leigh Reference: Items used: Daler rowney aquafine (hot pressed) & caran […]


My name is Shannagh-leigh, I”m a qualified fine artist with years of experience. I work traditionally and digitally both on paper and the more modern digital medium. I specialise in creating fine art custom portraiture illustrations from your photographs. I try to capture the spirit and personality of each subject in every drawing capturing their […]

Late Bloomers

Traditional, coloured pencil Spring inspired coloured pencil illustration based off the theme of “new life” hope you enjoy it. Original priced at £200 (inc postage and packaging) Art © Shannagh-leigh Reference: Items used: Brown sugar paper 8.3 x 11.7 inches with Caran D’ache supracolor pencils Share

Daisy | Video

Digital This was a challenge, quite similar to the egg, but very different textures which was very interesting to do. VIDEO: Art © Shannagh-leigh Reference: Items used: Photoshop CS6 & Cintiq 13HD Share